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Hackathon Project: Viewing Datadog metrics in Minecraft

At Datadog we see and gather metrics everywhere by using Datadog to monitor our applications and infrastructure. So our team thought it’d be fun to come up with creative solutions to "where can we display metrics?" Read more

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Protobuf parsing in Python

Recently we extended the Datadog Agent to support extracting additional metrics from Kubernetes using the kube-state-metrics via protobufs. In this post we will dive into our experiences with python and protobufs, as well as share some performance data. We hope the results documented here will help save you time and improve performance in your own code. Read more

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Being a Support Engineer at Datadog

Support Engineers at Datadog are the technical point of contact for our customers. That means they have to stay on top of what’s going on within the company and outside to best answer our customers needs. Read more

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The Trouble with Mounting

When some of our customers reported that their agents were freezing, sometimes for hours at a time, we tracked down the issue to their disk mount options. Read more

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Engineering spotlight: Marie-Laure Bardonnet

It might surprise you to learn who built most of the prototype of the newest Datadog feature. Read more about Marie-Laure and her internship at Datadog. Read more

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Redux-Doghouse – Creating Reusable React-Redux Components Through Scoping

Today, we're open-sourcing Redux-Doghouse, a library for Redux that helps you scope components so that they can be reused multiple times in multiple contexts without conflicting with one another. Read more

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Cheering on coworkers: Building culture with Datadog dashboards

One of our colleagues, Christian, is participating in a tremendous 6-day-run challenge. Yes, you read that right, he will run around 850km (528 miles) over 6 days. As we like to graph everything, we thought it would be fun to cheer him on remotely and follow his progress in this crazy race via a Datadog dashboard. Read more

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Announcing Our Partnership With AcknowledgeHer To Promote Women In Sales

As a recruiter, I hear the words "sales guy" every day. "Tell me about what your sales guys do?" "How are the guys on your team performing against projections?" Etc. But we also have women on the team, and that number is growing. In fact, our director of sales is a woman. Read more

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9 ways to make working remote work for you

Earlier this year I moved across the country, and I took my job with me. My family and I relocated from New York City, where Datadog is headquartered, to a small town in northern California, where I now work remotely. The move has been great for me and my family. It has brought my daughter much closer to her grandparents and extended family, and the slower pace of life here has been a welcome change after 12 years in NYC. But the transition to the remote work frontier has not been without its challenges. Read more

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Restroom Hacks

Do you ever walk to the bathroom across the office only to discover that it's in use? Then you've got to decide if you want to awkwardly hover right outside, or hold it in for a while and try again later. This is obviously a first world problem, but bathroom contention was getting to be a challenge as we quickly outgrew our office space. Read more

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Consul at Datadog

We've been using Consul for about 18 months at Datadog and it's an important part of our production stack. In this post we will discuss some of the lessons we have learned. Read more

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Releasing czlib and zstd Go Bindings

To commemorate the third annual GopherCon US in Denver this week, we're releasing cgo bindings to two compression libraries that we've been using in production at Datadog for a while now: czlib and zstd. Read more

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